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Our Interim team are specialists in the recruitment of qualified professionals within accounting, finance, banking, IT sales, marketing and support functions. We partner with a variety of businesses ranging from local SMEs to global businesses, to hire the best interim professionals.

Our interim specialist consultants are experts in their niche areas and recruit for many different roles. Because we're specialists, we can offer you in-depth understanding of your career goals.

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  1. Accounting & Finance
  2. Sales & Digital Marketing
  3. IT / Technology
  4. Banking & Financial Services 
  5. Human Resources

Advantages of using interim managers

1. Rapid familiarization

Interim professionals can quickly familiarize themselves with a new organization and be productive within a short period of time. This means that your company can benefit from the experience and skills of the interim professional right from the start.

4. Objective perspective

Interim professionals come from outside the organization and can therefore provide an objective view of your company's business processes and practices. They can identify and improve inefficient processes too.  

2. Flexibility

Interim professionals provide your company with the flexibility you need to respond to varying business needs. For example, they can be hired for a limited time to carry out a specific project or to replace an executive who is on leave or parental leave.


5. Knowledge transfer

An interim professional can share their knowledge and experience with internal staff. This can ensure that your company benefits even after the interim manager leaves. 

3. Specialized skills

Interim professionals often have specialized skills that a company needs but does not have internally. For example, they can help implement new technologies or support your company in meeting compliance standards.  

Overall, with their specialized skills, interim professionals can help companies increase their speed of response to change and thus build competitive advantages over their competitors.  

For more information on how to help your company succeed with interim professionals, see Stephan Bart, Senior Manager Interim Recruitment at Robert Walters. 

Our approach

Thomas Hoffmann

Finding your perfect interim job or project is never easy. That’s where our specialist recruitment consultants come in. 

With the latest market knowledge, local expertise, renowned professionalism and exceptional service levels, our team are committed to matching your aspirations to your ideal job. We'll meet you for an in-depth discussion about your career objectives and then proactively approach companies on your behalf. 

Thomas Hoffmann - Director
T:  +49 40 377 07 3970

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