Germany’s leading employers trust us to deliver fast, efficient hiring solutions that are tailored to their exact requirements. Browse our range of bespoke services and resources.

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Our industry specialists will listen to your aspirations and share your story with Germany’s most prestigious organisations. Together, let’s write the next chapter of your career.

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Germany’s leading employers trust us to deliver fast, efficient hiring solutions that are tailored to their exact requirements. Browse our range of bespoke services and resources.

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Kia ora. For us, recruitment is more than just a job. We understand that behind every opportunity is the chance to make a difference to people’s lives.

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Market intelligence

Interested in an intelligent compensation analysis and data-driven HR insights?

Harness the power of data to make informed hiring decisions

The times when hiring decisions were based on assumptions and gut feelings are over. We have learned to harness the power of data to help you make informed hiring decisions.

Whether you want to diversify your workforce, expand your team, search for sought-after qualifications, or even relocate a business function - our market analyses provide you with data that confirms or refutes your assumptions.
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Robert Walters’ market intelligence service includes:

1.       Salary benchmarking:
We provide detailed compensation analyses defined by industry and role. This intel will help you benchmark your organisation’s salary package against your peers and optimise your compensation and benefits.

2.       Talent & market trend mapping
With our talent heatmap and additional statistics, you'll know where to find the right talent and how to create compelling employer brand campaigns that resonate with prospective talent.

3.       Competitor insights
By mapping the key employee motivators and benchmarking these against your peers, we can reveal the benefits that matter most, to help you attract and retain the best talent.

4.       Custom-made reports
We take the time to understand the problems your organisation is facing to provide data and market insight tailored specifically to your business needs.




Your benefits

The use of market intelligence will benefit your company in various ways.


1. Gain competitive advantage

By carefully combining public data, internal expertise, and specialized data sources, we support you in not losing top talents to your competitors.


2. Make informed personnel decisions

Since our reporting is tailored to your specific needs, we always provide you with the most up-to-date and accurate information.


3. Increase in efficiency and cost savings

Our customized reporting provides you with targeted insights specifically tailored to your company. This enables you to save valuable time and resources.


Our Recruitment Market Intelligence team takes the time to understand your company's challenges in order to provide customized data and market-specific insights.

Learn more about how these services can benefit your company by requesting a quote.


  • For whom is Recruitment Market Intelligence intended?
    We believe that information about data-driven recruitment is useful for anyone involved in budget decisions, personnel management, and hiring choices. Depending on the specific requirements, information about the job market is beneficial for a variety of management positions, such as CEOs, managing directors, HR directors, CFOs, procurement officers, or CIOs.
  • Where are the data sourced from?
    We utilize a combination of our own hiring data, third-party sources, publicly available market data, and the expertise of our recruiters. All collected data undergoes internal verification to ensure maximum validity.
  • Can I see an example of a Market Intelligence Report?
    Yes, you can download a sample copy from our website.
  • How customizable are the reports?
    Our Market Intelligence service offers fully customized reports for each project. We understand that every client has unique needs and challenges, so we begin by engaging in a conversation to gain a thorough understanding of your requirements. Based on this, we develop a tailored methodology to address your specific problem and present our recommendations. Our data can be segmented into categories such as company size, industry, location, sector, and job title, allowing us to provide information that aligns precisely with your needs.
  • What are the approximate costs for a report?
    Our costs depend entirely on the actual workload. We have a team of in-house analysts who will provide you with a customized quote based on your specific needs and scope.