Germany’s leading employers trust us to deliver fast, efficient hiring solutions that are tailored to their exact requirements. Browse our range of bespoke services and resources.

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Our industry specialists will listen to your aspirations and share your story with Germany’s most prestigious organisations. Together, let’s write the next chapter of your career.

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Germany’s leading employers trust us to deliver fast, efficient hiring solutions that are tailored to their exact requirements. Browse our range of bespoke services and resources.

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Kia ora. For us, recruitment is more than just a job. We understand that behind every opportunity is the chance to make a difference to people’s lives.

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Career Service

The answer to restructuring and workforce transformation

We offer our clients a unique service that not only promotes a positive corporate culture, but also enhances your company's reputation. Our services can provide cost efficiencies for you as a company by avoiding legal disputes, positively impacting severance or accelerating the transformation process. Our solutions are socially responsible and provide an opportunity for both parties. Contact us today to learn how our Career Service can help your company successfully complete the transformation process while creating a positive work environment.

Our offer for employees and employers

If a company is undergoing restructuring, dissolution or relocation, this is usually associated with the termination of one or more jobs. For the employee, this means not only the fear of losing their job, but also a certain disorientation. If the employee has been with the company for many years, he or she often does not know how the labour market has changed and is overwhelmed by the demands.

If job cuts are unavoidable and unavoidable, employees are provided with a career service advisor in addition to severance pay, depending on their length of service or position.  

Determination of situation and target 

We help your employees reflect on their personality traits and work on their professional skills. Together, we explore their individual motivation and inform them about current circumstances. We also create a roadmap for further career coaching.

Vacancy research and application strategy 

We show your employees different methods of vacancy research and support them in matching with suitable vacancies. We work with them to develop approaches to the application process.

Social media performance

We help your employees use their work-related social media effectively and improve their online presence. We show them how to attract the attention of potential employers and give them tips on active networking.

Application management and professional reorientation

We explain the application process in companies to your employees and show them how they can influence the process. We discuss with them possibilities of professional reorientation and support them with side-steps, further education and training.

Elaboration of the professional environment

We help your employees identify the corporate culture and support them in finding commonalities in organisations. The more pronounced the common norms and values are lived in the company, the stronger the employee loyalty.

Application documents

We evaluate the current state of your employees' application documents and show them where there is room for improvement. We offer training and provide tips and tricks for creating professional, meaningful documents.

Interview training, postures and facial expressions

We train your employees for job interviews and work on improving their gestures, facial expressions as well as the quality of their statements. We offer training using our practice format "Storytelling on their own" to improve their self-presentation skills.

Find out how you can benefit from the Robert Walters Career Service

In addition to the above packages, we also offer complementary services that round off our Career Service. For example, we offer personality tests to help your employees identify their strengths and weaknesses. Together with our cooperation partners, we evaluate your employees' language skills and offer them targeted training to improve their language skills.


We consolidate the topics through role plays and give your employees the opportunity to actively engage in the coaching process. We also provide valuable content such as webinars, videos or whitepapers to support the coaching process and encourage knowledge sharing.


Our goal is to support your employees in their career reorientation and help them to quickly find their feet in a new job. If you have further questions or are interested in our Career Service, please feel free to contact us.

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